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Have you ever wondered what happens to your old dirty motor oil after you receive a Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change? Jiffy Lube® is proud to recycle oil so it doesn’t go to waste or harm the environment. 

Some Jiffy Lube® locations are designated oil recycling collection centers. Jiffy Lube service centers do more than collect the dirty oil from changes performed at more than 2,000 locations nationwide; they also collect used motor oil brought in by people who change their oil themselves. Then they send this used oil to an oil-recycling center.

Motor oil recycling doesn’t mean it’s placed back into a vehicle. Only clean oil is suitable for an engine. This doesn’t mean it needs to go to waste, though. Used engine oil typically is re-refined and used to make heating oil, asphalt and other petroleum-based products. It also helps cut down waste by being reused in the oil and petroleum refinery industry.

Oil recycling makes a huge impact on the environment. Here’s a staggering fact: Motor oil that isn’t disposed of properly releases about 25 times more oil into the environment than what spills from all modes of oil transportation combined. The American Petroleum Institute estimates that if you recycle just two gallons of used oil it can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours. So you can see the very real impact recycling can have. Be sure to recycle your motor oil at your local Jiffy Lube. It does more than help protect the environment; it’s put to good use. And the importance of keeping Planet Earth clean, safe and healthy is something we think we can all agree on.

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