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Keeping your vehicle healthy is an easy way to keep you and your passengers safe and secure, and Jiffy Lube® is happy to help. The best way to keep your vehicle healthy is by adhering to a vehicle maintenance schedule. Routine attention to its condition helps ward off expensive repairs and keeps it in compliance with the conditions required to qualify for warranty coverage where it applies.

Regular maintenance is vital to keeping your vehicle on the road in daily duty. Even the most reliable, high-quality vehicles require that the oil, engine, fuel, cabin air and automatic transmission fluid filters should all be regularly checked and replaced when necessary. Tires need to be properly inflated and rotated on schedule, and you want to stay ahead of wear on windshield wipers, brakes and suspension components to avoid costly repairs that crop up if these wear out or fail at the wrong time.

Your vehicle maintenance schedule may require more frequent visits if you drive in severe conditions. Oftentimes drivers don’t realize their driving can be classified as severe. If one or more of the following conditions applies to your driving situation, have your local Jiffy Lube® technician check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and create a vehicle maintenance schedule that will keep you on the road:

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist:

  • Driving in stop-and-go traffic

  • Driving in extremely hot or cold temperatures

  • Driving at prolonged higher engine speeds

  • Taking multiple trips averaging only 5 to 10 miles in length

  • Frequent cold start-ups and shut downs

  • Extensive engine idling

  • Towing and/or hauling heavy loads

  • Driving in dusty or muddy conditions

  • Driving in mountainous terrain

The manufacturer of your vehicle may list other conditions. Pay attention to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Don’t be misled by the word “recommended.” Most warranties require that the vehicle receive proper maintenance in accordance with the schedule, including any severe use amendments, and failure to comply can result in denial of your claim for coverage if the need arises.

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