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We want to give back to our customers.

So we decided to launch our VIP CLUB Program. Beyond having a vehicle that runs properly, we want to make it worthwhile to our customers to choose us. This program allows our customers to get a return on their investments. The money that customers spend in our shops to service their vehicles will be adding up as points.


For every dollar spent, customers will earn a point. For example, if they spend $200 they will have 200 points connected to their account. We will inform customers if they have qualified themselves for the VIP CLUB Program by sending them an Email. Those emails will have a link that will connect them to a form for whichever level they have met the required point total for.  


All customers who would like to receive the VIP CLUB benefits have to fill out the required form. This form will ask customers to submit their First & Last Names, their Email, and their Vehicle Year, Make, & Model. This will allow us to connect the customer vehicle for which the customer chooses to start receiving VIP CLUB benefits. If and only then will customers receive VIP CLUB benefits. We hope all of our customers can enjoy the VIP CLUB Program and all of its associated benefits. 

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